Fire Prevention

The Millheim Fire Company offers public presentations either in our station or at your local facility.

Please contact or stop by the fire station on a Wednesday Evening at 814-349-8164 and ask for Mike Heckman to arrange for your educational opportunity.

National Fire Protection Safety Week is October 9 thru 15, 2022.


When is Fire Prevention Week?

Fire Prevention Week is observed during the week of October 9th to commemorate the anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire. The fire started on October 8, 1871. It lasted for two whole days and left the city in destruction with many deaths.

When did Fire Prevention Week start?

Fire Prevention Week first started in 1922, and the NFPA has sponsored it every year since.

In 1925, President Calvin Coolidge proclaimed it a national observance - meaning that it's now the longest-running national observance in the country.

Why teach kids about fire prevention?

Apart from carrying out basic home fireproofing actions, the most important aspect of fire prevention lies in awareness. People - especially kids - should be educated in smoke and fire safety because when it comes to fire, a few seconds can mean the difference between safety and a tragedy.

In addition to this, many experts have attested that unless classroom lessons about fire are reinforced by parents, they tend to lose much of their effectiveness. Fire Prevention Week aims to incorporate parents as well as teachers in spreading this message.

Did You Know…?

Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms make different sounds.  It's therefore very important to know what those sounds are, what they mean, and what to do if you hear them.